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Personal Transformation

A caterpillar does not transform into a butterfly by random chance, it experiences several steps in its metamorphosis shifting from its dark cocoon, embracing its wings, and changes its avatar. Similarly, your personal transformation does not happen through random acts. It happens by following a meticulous process for you to become an improved version of yourself. The four important steps to be followed in this process are as self-awareness, seeking guidance, shifting your beliefs and taking action.

The great solution to all human problems is individual inner transformation. Personal transformations are paramount for continual growth and sustainable success. Personal transformation happens by following a meticulous process for you to become an improved version of yourself. i.BeyondBliss offers a proven Personal Transformation Strategy Program that will propel you to move forward and achieve your life goals.

Never mind where you are right now or what brought you to this situation, it is never too late to start the journey of personal transformation.

This program is highly recommended for Business owners, Entrepreneurs, CEO's, Company Directors, Leaders, Executives and anyone wanting to achieve a quantum leap in the personal and professional spectrum of their lives.


Ask yourself these three questions:


• What do you really want? • Why do you want that? • Why don’t you already have what you want?

If this message is striking a code it means that you are ready to make the choice of making a positive difference for yourself.

The program is usually 6 sessions and may extend to 12 sessions  depending upon your circumstances (1-1.5 hour/ session)

Book your "Personal Transformation Program” today with i.BeyondBliss and reinvent your true self.


Mindful-Based Stress Reduction is a methodology used to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life to help break cycles of anxiety, unhappiness, stress, fatigue, chronic pain, and insomnia. MBSR is a science and practice-based framework backed-up by researchers and references.

The MBSR program has evidence that it can build our mental muscles and shows measurable positive changes in the brain regions associated with memory, stress, self-esteem, empathy, as well as improve the immune functioning in eight weeks.  

The i.BeyondBliss MBSR program is a comprehensive and structured 8-session mindfulness training for those who desire to reduce their stress and respond to lives challenges in a more efficient manner.

With the MBSR program, you will understand the 8 most important core principles of mindfulness and mechanisms to integrate and implement mindfulness in your everyday life.

Join our MBSR program and witness how this inspiring eight-week course can build your mental, emotional, physical and psychological resilience and well-being.

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