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Welcome to iBeyondBliss

Meet Uma Panch


Hi there, my name is Uma Panch. I am a Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Transformational Mindset Coach, and Author. I am the founder of a social enterprise called iBeyondBliss Personal & Corporate Wellness. I am also a visiting faculty in premium Australian Universities.

I work with Celebrities, Leaders, CEOs, Business Owners, high profile Professionals including Doctors, Behavioural Therapists, Lawyers, Engineers and Educators to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. I will help you to reprogram your mind, rewire your mind and transform your life.

Just like the butterfly I am constantly reinventing myself and is now in a phenomenal reinvention phase of my life. I have embarked on my PhD journey in Mindfulness. I have also recently launched Uma Panch Business & Personal Coaching and iBeyondBliss is having a makeover. So, watch this space for more.

Meanwhile, check us out at  www.umapanch.com


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect at uma@umapanch.com